What the heck is March Goodness?

March Goodness is a collaboration between Derek Anderson's Stamina Foundation (Kentucky Wildcat NCAA champ & Miami Heat NBA champ) and xocial® (the platform for Competitive Kindness®).

Together, we're challenging school campuses across North America to join our social impact competition.

Which school has the most do-gooders making the most impact? Let’s find out.

How does it work?

Do-gooders join teams that compete by completing social good challenges. Teams compete right to the end (no elimination). We'll be announcing leaders at different stages and those teams will win prizes. The winner at the buzzer is the team with the highest point total, and that team will get a donation to their school (and did we mention prizes).

More Deets

Who can play?

Anyone! You can join a team that is already listed, or create your own.

Does my team have to be a school?

Nope! But this IS a campus themed competition.

Can I join a school team even though I don’t attend that campus?

Yes! Join your favorite campus team and help them grow the good. You listening alumni?!

Where do I play?

Download the xocial app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.
You can also play from your web browser at xocial.com/MarchGoodness



When does it start?

March 1 @ 12:00 AM EST. But join your team NOW! We’ll send you an alert when the game starts.

When does it end?

April 2nd at the tip-off of the men’s NCAA championship game.


The A.O.K. (Acts of Kindness) is a key component to the Stamina Academy which will teach our youth and young adults how to act & react in today’s society.
At xocial (soh-shul) we’re building a movement of Competitive Kindness to inspire the next generation of do-gooder. Through our unique XO Score, xocial provides meaningful insight into do-gooders and their positive social impact. xocial helps channel the universal human drive to ‘compete’ into actions that benefit the causes an individual cares about. Did we mention ANYONE can build a Competitive Kindness campaign?
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Live Happy magazine is serious about happiness. Weaving the science of positive psychology through inspiring features, relatable stories, and sage advice, we help people discover their personal journey of happiness in life, at work and at home.
At Human_Code we’re more than just a digital agency. We use people power and digital tools to help our clients create amazing experiences for their customers in a crowded and confusing online landscape. In the process, we help each other reach our potential for greatness.

More Deets

Teams can be added at any time. No teams will be eliminated and will complete do-gooder challenges right up to the jump ball at the start of the NCAA men’s final when the March Goodness 2018 winning team will be crowned.

Along the way we’ll be celebrating the leading teams at different stages. Those teams earn rewards.

The xocial 16 >> As of 9am EST March 22nd
The A.O.K. 8 >> As of 9am March 24th
Four for the Final >> As of 9am March 31st
March Goodness Champion >> April 2nd Contest ends at the start of the NCAA men's final

Game Play

Anyone can join a team or create their own. Using the xocial app (or website) do-gooders (players) will complete social good challenges to earn XP, build their XO Score, and push their team to the top of the leaderboard.

What the heck is an XP?

In gaming vernacular XP stands for Experience Points. Building your XP is how you level-up, obtain better resources, strengthen your base, elevate your avatar.

At xocial®, XP stands for xocial® points. It’s how we measure each challenge in the ecosystem. The primary inputs for each challenge that generate an XP value are impact, effort, and time. Because all challenges in xocial use the same formula to generate challenge XP, all the challenges in the xocial ecosystem relate to one another.

Learn more about XP And the XO Score here


Challenges will range in XP value based on impact, effort, & time.

Our game balancer (math nerd that makes games) has all kinds of plans in store for our do-gooders. There will be daily doubles, challenge submission limits, daily challenge releases... so be ready! New challenges as well as leader updates and other alerts will be pushed to do-gooder devices.

Keep it clean (and honest)!

Hey, we all want to win. But we're participating in a Competitive Kindness competition here... That means best behaviour please! The xocial team will be closely monitoring the action and reserves the right to remove any suspected false/unauthentic challenge submission, bad language, or bullying commentary. Really any activity not befitting a xocial do-gooder may be removed (as well as the player).


Who DOESN'T want to incentivise kindness? New sponsors are coming on board all the time, and most likely all the way through the competition. So expect the prize (and winner donation) landscape to change.

As of now, this is where we’re at do-gooders!

Top Do-Gooders
  • Our top XP earner will win a $2,500 scholarship
  • Every participant who earns over 500 xp will be entered into a random draw for 1 of 4 additional $2,500 scholarships

(only one scholarship per do-gooder!)

March Goodness 2018 Champion
  • $2,000 donation to their school.
  • Top 50 do-gooders (highest individual XP) from the winning team will get xocial t-shirts. Check out the inspiration!
  • Top 5 do-gooders (highest individual XP) from the winning team will get a $25 Dlyted gift card.
Four for the Final
  • 1 - $100 Live Happy Gift Voucher for the top do-gooder in this bracket
  • Top 50 do-gooders (highest individual XP) in this bracket will get a "50 Happiness Facts & Quotes Book" from Live Happy.
50 Happiness Facts & Quotes Book
  • Top 10 do-gooders (highest individual XP) from each team in this bracket will get xocial t-shirts.
The A.O.K. Eight
  • Top 2 do-gooders (highest individual XP) from each team in this bracket will get a xocial t-shirt.
  • Top 12 do-gooders (highest individual XP) in this bracket will get a copy of "Stamina - The Book" by Derek Anderson.

  • Top (highest XP) team in this bracket will get a collection of A.O.K. LED wrist bands in different colors.
The xocial 16
  • Top do-gooder (highest individual XP) from each team in this bracket will get a xocial t-shirt.
  • Top 50 do-gooders (highest individual XP) in this bracket will get a "SUNSHINE JOURNAL" from Live Happy.